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Usage & Consumption

We don’t keep track of how much you use lyttl!  Forget about usage caps or metered costs.

Personalized Links

Offer personalized short URLs for each customer, creating a customized connection to meet their needs limitlessly.

Link Expiry

Keep your links active as long as you need. Let lyttl know when to expire the link.

Bring Your Own


lyttl is ready to be deployed in your data center or cloud infrastructure ensuring your data remains with you. 

Branded Domains

You are free to use your own branded domains, as many as you want. 


lyttl can be easily integrated with your own security and authentication schemes. 

Communication Channels

lyttl lets you integrate with your existing customer communications platform and channels.

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Accommodate future growth and avoid service disruptions with a solution that can adapt to your needs.

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Super-fast response rate and technology.

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OAuth Compliance

Keep your data secure and comply with regulations by having complete control over it.

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What is a Short URL and why do I need lyttl (pronounced as Little)?

A Short URL is a condensed form of a regular URL created through URL shortening services. It redirects to the original, longer URL and usually comprises letters, numbers, and symbols. 

lyttl (pronounced as Little) URL Shortener is a powerful solution that helps by space-saving in situations of character limits, especially in sending links through SMS (limited to 160 characters) and WhatsApp.  

lyttl’s Short URL also improves the aesthetics of your messages communicated to your customers. Unlike long URLs that are less visually appealing, the links shortened by lyttl look neater and they are much easier to share. 

How does lyttl URL shortener help me save costs?

lyttl helps you save costs by shortening links sent to your customers which would otherwise be sent as a multi-part SMS when your messages exceed 160 characters.  

Though modern mobile phones are capable of combining the multi-part SMSs as a single SMS for easy readability, in such a scenario as a sender of the SMS you are charged for multiple SMSs by your SMS gateway service provider depending on the number of parts your original SMS was split into. 

How does lyttl help in my brand’s or product’s recognition?

lyttl comes with the capability to customize the URL domain name that resonates with your business’s name or brand. We can configure your brand’s domain name in lyttl so that your customers can identify your business easily.

Can I shorten URLs using lyttl that are unique to each customer to whom I am sending the messages?

That’s exactly what lyttl empowers you with. Be it links to downloadable bills, statements, prescriptions, lab diagnostic reports or web-based customer registration, verification forms to travel bookings, or abandoned cart links depending on your use case you can shorten unique personalized links using lyttl that are meant for each of your customers.  

How much can I use lyttl? What does unlimited usage really mean?

lyttl is really unlimited when it comes to usage. Unlike other Short URL services that generally have pay-as-you-go or subscription-based models, lyttl is unmetered and we don’t count how much you use lyttl. 

We offer lyttl as a Bring-your-own-Infrastructure service, which means we deploy and run lyttl on-premise in your data center or cloud infrastructure.  

So, the usage cap depends on the resources and size of the infrastructure you dedicate for running lyttl. At the same time, lyttl is highly scalable and can support up to 50k requests per hour as long as your infrastructure supports it. What’s more, is that you can set your expiry for the Shortened URLs using lyttl, we do not limit when to expire your shortened URLs. 

Get in touch with us to know about the infrastructure sizing details that best fit your requirements. 

How secure is lyttl? Is my data safe and does my data leave my enterprise while shortening URLs using lyttl?

lyttl is a very secure and reliable platform, it is deployed in your data center or cloud making it inherently secure. lyttl is also OAuth / SAML compliant so it follows the security standards of your enterprise when you make requests to shorten URLs with it. 

One of the most important benefits of using lyttl is that your data remains with you and does not leave your enterprise, as lyttl is deployed in your infrastructure.  

To integrate lyttl with your existing solutions all you need to do is call the API(s) of lyttl and it returns the shortened URL back to your sub-systems that can further be sent to your existing communication platforms or channel handlers like SMS Gateway, etc. 

My usage is limited does lyttl have a pay-as-you-go or subscription plan?

Sure, get in touch with us and we can tailor a custom plan specially meant for your needs.